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Natural Healing Misconceptions

Created on: 2023-08-21

Modified on: 2023-08-22

One of the common misconceptions people have about natural healing is that it just replaces a pharmaceutical pill with a herbal pill. Certainly, I do use herbs, and I do recommend them as required, and many plant substances can be extremely powerful for healing. However, that's not the whole story.

For best results in healing, usually a person has to make dietary and other lifestyle changes. You can take the best herbs in the world, but if lifestyle factors are off, and they're not addressed, it'll slow progress, and you may end up just treading water. Which is better than drifting further out to sea, but the real goal is to get back to shore, that is, to return to good health. Now, I have helped people who've been reluctant to change their lifestyle, but it's more of an uphill battle against their condition, and results have been less and slower than they might have been. Usually, lifestyle factors - diet, etc. - are the best place to start the healing journey.

As a natural healer, when I tell people this, I do lose a few prospects, however, it's better to tell it like it is.

I think many people who are very ill, are also dealing with fatigue, and the prospect of working on their health can be daunting. I totally get it, because at the outset of my own healing journey, I was extremely fatigued. However, having got through that, I can guide others in a similar situation towards their recovery.

More soon.

- Antony

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