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Toxic Superfoods (Book Review)

Created on: 2023-08-30

Cover image for book, showing various leafy greens, fruit, and chocolate, coming from a big red X Cover image for book, showing various leafy greens, fruit, and chocolate, coming from a red X

Toxic Superfoods - How oxalate overload is making you sick - and how to get better

Sally K. Norton MPH

367p, December 2022

This is an interesting book from late last year, dealing with a dietary cause of many forms of illness, and that cause is oxalates.

It opens with a familiar problem - an individual doing his best to eat healthily, yet his health gets worse. Common signs of oxalate toxicity are given, including: neurological problems (lethargy, depression, anxiety, panic attacks), digestive problems (Crohn's disease, IBS), joint pains, kidney dysfunction, cloudy urine.

While oxalate overload is far from the only possible cause of these, it is an important factor, and one that may be overlooked.

The book describes why plants produce oxalates: they are plant's weapons against herbivores. Oxalates form crystalline structures, which have an affinity for calcium, and when calcified they become hardened, and damaging to anything that eats them. The same structures can form within our body, causing pains, organ dysfunction, and stones.

The problem is, many popular health foods contain high levels of oxalate. The list is long, but includes . . .

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