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Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy

  1. This site is for information only. As the user, your use of this information and all outcomes thereof are your sole responsibility. No advice, medical or otherwise, is expressed or implied. Nothing in the content of any article or presentation on this site shall countermand these statements.
  2. Data collection: to access the articles on this site, you will need to enter a name, email address and location. The email you provide must be your own. The location you provide (country, plus optionally region) is used for market research purposes, and you may receive offers from Healing Truths relevant to your area. We also track the date of account creation, last visit to the website, and other info' to determine if an account is expired.
  3. We count total visits for each article, including whether the visitor was logged in or not. We also note which users have visited which articles in order to be able to send marketing emails appropriate to different users. Marketing emails consist of informing users when new content or services are available.
  4. HTTPS is used for receiving data, which is the best security available, though we cannot be responsible for intercepts outside of this website. (Like every other website on the 'net.)
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  6. Data: Data are stored on a hosting service, and are otherwise not shared, sold, rented, or given to any other entity. (Unless legally compelled to, which has never happened, and if it were attempted, we'd fight tooth and nail against it.)
  7. Data erasure, and the right to be forgotten: support tickets raised by users may be kept by us for administrative use. Otherwise, if you create an account, and later delete it, all data connected with your account will be erased.