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Health Coaching

Created on: 2021-06-12

Modified on: 2023-07-23

Can health coaching help you?

Many people are suffering needlessly with health problems. Orthodox medicine has its place, but with chronic conditions, it is usually about "managing" a condition. Note that the word "cure" is rarely used.

It just so happens that managing rather than curing is also a much better business model. The drugs are expensive, often staggeringly so (even if the patient isn't aware of it, as they don't pay directly), and a patient is usually a patient for life - at least, they stay in the same market place (medical system), even if they might switch from drug to drug.

Also, the first drug frequently causes side effects, leading to another drug to counter them, with further side effects in tow, and so on. Again, it's a great business model.

"But," people say, "I'm ill! I need something!"

I get it. However, people can and have reversed their conditions through other methods - and by those, I mean principally diet and other natural healing methods.

I'm offering coaching on improving health through these methods. The key word here is "Natural." I don't use any licensed drugs or medical procedures, as I'm not practicing medicine. I also do not recommend using any substance that does not occur in nature.

Instead, we're talking about lifestyle changes, including what to eat, what to avoid, detoxing methods, and other traditional healing practices.

Whether it can help you - the first requirement is an open mind.

Who Am I to Offer This?

My story began in childhood - I had health problems from my earliest memories. Nothing too serious, but I experienced about twenty years of largely ineffective medicines, and was even chided by one doctor's secretary for "costing the NHS a fortune." In my twenties I started to look outside of the orthodoxy for answers, and tried a number of systems. I experienced some benefit, but this was offset by some third world travel. In my mid-thirties, my health simply crashed, and learning about health became my full time job.

In the fifteen years since then, I've consumed many books on the subject, mostly by M.D.s, (some orthodox, and some who rebelled against the orthodox system), courses by the same, and hundreds of hours of technical training. This is the info I draw on, plus my own experience of using these systems. Through these methods, I have transformed my own health dramatically for the better. I've used some of these methods in the region of a hundred times on myself, so I know these systems in depth.

Looking back, I consider that having health challenges early had a silver lining: they forced me to learn about health. When challenges come later in life, people usually assume they're just an inevitable consequence of age. People usually have no idea how healthy they can be.

Is it Safe?

Most of what I use is simply culinary products that you wouldn't think twice about on grounds of safety. Some are "ethnic foods" - whether local or exotic, which have health values that are often unrecognized.

Depending on what you might seek help with, there may be some stronger plant products involved, all of which can be bought over the counter. I don't recommend things like paracetamol, but if you trust yourself to use something like that, then what I might recommend has a better safety profile: i.e. when used properly, they are extremely safe.

Does it Work?

If I described the symptoms of scurvy to you, you wouldn't thank me. It's a terrible disease, and if "untreated" for long enough, is fatal. Historically, the remedy of choice was limes, the active component of which - vitamin C - is the only thing that can cure the condition. No drug, no matter how many thousands it might cost, can do better. The point is, natural healing is often overlooked, as was the humble lime for hundreds of years.

For many people, the more they pay for something, and for some the more painful the intervention, the more they believe it will succeed. But some of the best healing substances are just about free.

In Australia, the native peoples did not have a word for "sickness" before Westerners arrived. Western medicine has its place, but natural healing approaches have tremendous healing potential.

The outcome will depend on a number of factors, including your commitment. There are no guarantees, but I'm aware of cases where the same methods I use have yielded dramatic results. These methods have been used successfully by thousands of people.

In contrast to this, ask yourself, following the approach you are currently taking, at what point in time are you expecting to be back to normal health?

I'm Interested! What Now?

I'm offering coaching in this way. You fill in a form to let me know what challenges you're facing, what your goals are, what you've tried, etc. If I take you as a client, Then we arrange coaching calls, up to one hour of discussion at a time. The goal of each call is to give you enough material to work with, without it being overwhelming.

How Much Does it Cost?

Currently, it's £60 per call. The frequency of calls depends on the situation, but is typically every 2-4 weeks.

The price for new clients may change without notice, but once you've applied for coaching, the price will be fixed for you for six months (longer than most people need coaching for).

If you're ready to begin your healing journey with me, please raise a support ticket (click "Support" at the top of this page), so we can discuss this further.

- Antony

For more on health coaching, please see Services.

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