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The Anti-Vax Conspiracy

On June 1st, Channel 4 aired "The Anti-Vax Consipracy." From the write up, I was expecting a hatchet job, and viewing confirmed this.

Early on, the narrator states:

Freedom, we're told, will be won, if we cast all doubts about the vaccine aside, and put faith in what the government are asking us to do.

So, the moral argument is this: "If you just accept whatever the authorities tell you, and let them shoot you up with new and experimental gene therapies, they'll let everyone go. Come on, you anti-vaxxers, you're keeping us all in lockdown!"

I hope I don't need to explain how flawed this is, and that it is the government who are perpetuating restrictions, not those who believe in: the right to determine what goes into their own bodies; the right to think for themselves; the right to view the science for themselves; the right to listen to the countless scientists, doctors, and front line nurses who are speaking out against what they are seeing and what is going on; the right to consider reports of side effects, including deaths, perhaps even of someone in their social circle; the right to informed consent; and the right to not be compelled or coerced into medical experiments - per the Nuremberg code, let us never forget.

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