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Recently, the UK government backed down over its plan to mandate COVID jabs for NHS staff. They did so because the NHS faced disaster if they pressed ahead, and because the revelations of "partygate" left them with no credibility to do otherwise. Though some doubts remained in the health freedom movement about the full removal of restrictions.

However, PM Johnson today announced that all domestic COVID restrictions will be lifted by 24 February. The UK thus follows Denmark, which lifted restrictions on 27 January.

So to ALL in the health freedom movement . . .

. . . to the scientists who spoke out about the anti-scientific lockdown policies, the risks of the new genetic vaccines, to the doctors - both orthodox and naturopathic - who alerted people to suppressed cures and dangerous health policies that were in use, to those nurses and other health workers who spoke out, and who - over a hundred thousand of them in the UK alone - refused to be coerced into taking the jab, who stood firm even when many faced financial ruin . . .

. . . to everyone who - armed with science and facts against lockdowns, coerced participation in medical experiments, vaccine passports and all the rest - spoke our truth to friends, neighbours, relatives, passing dog walkers, anyone who would listen . . .

. . . who endured the scorn and hate-speech of people we were trying to liberate from lies, who tried to alert others to the dystopia we were sleep-walking into, who wrote 'letters to the editor', who wrote to their union, who spoke to their MP . . .

. . . to those who stood on roundabouts showing signs declaring their truth . . .

. . . to the millions who attended marches, risking - and some experiencing - violence and injury from the state, alongside the illegal practice of kettling . . .

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