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Are Vaccine Side-Effects Psychosomatic?

Created on: 2023-03-27

I was glad to receive some feedback for a previous article, Safe and Effective, although it challenged the views expressed in that documentary and my comments about it. Here is the message:

I did watch the video, which included some harrowing personal stories. As a statistician, it seems the evidence is largely anecdotal and selective. There will always be tragic cases that occur through statistical inevitability, regardless of whether or not someone has recently had the jab. That said, there may be a case for not giving the jab to younger people, where Covid is not a significant threat to life. This is receiving increasing coverage in the press. . . .

A golfing colleague’s son had a bad experience following his Covid jab. It adversely affected his heath and there was real concern that he had suffered damage to his heart. He was suffering all the symptoms associated with myocarditis and this difficult situation continued for a year.

Every round of golf brought an update that left me more and more certain that it was due to the jab. Then, after all the physical tests were exhausted they started to look at other considerations. It emerged that his son had suffered from a highly stressed mental condition.

The symptoms were found to be psychosomatic and fuelled by the tsunami of negative information he’d been following in the media. This new twist turned my opinion through 180 degrees.

- Colin

Firstly, I want to thank Colin for courteously expressing his views. Regarding Colin's questioning the cost / benefit analysis for vaccinating children, I am in full agreement.

Regarding the statistics, alongside the case studies, the film also gave statistical evidence, including the following, which was discussed previously:

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