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The Time my Doctor Nearly Killed Me, And How I Can Help You Heal Naturally

Created on: 2023-02-03

Modified on: 2023-03-03

A short bio about me, and how I became a healer.

My first career was in software engineering, and I was doing well enough until 2008. Health-wise, I had some niggles, but nothing worth mentioning here. Then in the autumn, I wanted to take a break and do some travelling. I went to Belize, the only English speaking country in Central America, to spend three months as a volunteer in a jungle project.

Pretty much on arrival I was ill. The usual traveller type illness - gut problems, exhaustion and malaise - maybe I caught something en route? At my base in the jungle, there wasn't much I could do other than try to struggle on. Every couple of weeks I had a weekend off and would travel to the nearest town and see what medication I could get. Long story short, after three rounds of medication, and over two months, I was not much better. I couldn't really attribute any gains to the meds.

By that time I'd found out about a local bush-doctor. Her advice and remedies seemed to help, but in the short time I had left in Belize, it didn't cure. Had I continued, I wonder if it would have worked, but by this time I was getting ready to return home, and I wanted to be fixed before I got back to England, thinking if I had some local bug, a local doctor would be better at dealing with it.

So just before my return journey, I went to the main hospital in Belize, and finally got the full battery of tests done. A couple of hours later I was called in to hear the results.

The doctor, a pleasant man approaching retirement, had a sheet with my results. He went through the items tested for, saying: "This - no, this - no, this - no," etc., then finally: "Paratyphoid B. Now, a mild illness has a count of one or two. You have a count of three hundred and twenty." He then gave me a look that said: "How did you just walk in off the street in this condition? Why did you leave this so long?"

He said the old medicines were quite rough - you were almost better off with the disease - but the new medicines were gentler. He wrote me a prescription for eight pills, one per day. I was not keen - by 2008 I had become skeptical about orthodox medicine, and was looking for alternatives. I was reluctant to take those pills, but thought to myself: "This is the last time. I just need to sort out this one thing, then I'm done with orthodox medicine."

"See here, on the packet insert, the words, 'May cause acute renal failure, possibly fatal.' That means, your kidneys were OK before you took the medicine, then you took it, then . . . your kidneys stop working and you die the same day. And people have died."

The following day I flew back to England. I took the pills and became dramatically worse, not even being able to get a full night's sleep due to illness. It was obviously caused by the pills, but I continued with the course: I did not want the original illness to return. After finishing the course - i.e. after stopping the medication - I improved but remained ill. I was now totally intolerant to alcohol - I had been a light drinker even when in Central America, but now all alcohol had to go. Bit by bit I discovered other foods that I could no longer tolerate. Moreover, I was ill with a host of symptoms, including strong kidney pain.

Long story short, I was wiped out for about five years. I worked on my own projects in this time, but felt too ill to take on any full time job. I even enquired about a volunteer job, just to be useful, but when I discussed it with the manager, I realized I would not be able to do it. In these years I frantically tried to learn as much as I could about health. I read every blog and book I could find, and tried every remedy.

It took a long time to find a remedy that helped - a herbal blend. Unfortunately, war in Syria - where the herbs were sourced - ended that supply.

Finally I found an alternative doctor who even many alternative doctors find "out there". She was doing podcasts exploding the myth of modern medicine. One show was about the "five most deadly medicines on the market." One of them had a familiar name. I still had the packet insert from the meds I was given in Belize, and sure enough, that was one of the five.

The doctor continued: "See here, on the packet insert, the words, 'May cause acute renal failure, possibly fatal.' That means, your kidneys were OK before you took the medicine, then you took it, then if you're the unlucky one, your kidneys stop working and you die the same day. And people have died."

I searched the packet insert, and sure enough, it was there, just as the doctor had said - but without the translation from medicalese into plain English. In the circumstances, I considered myself lucky - I was only knocked sideways for a few years. Others weren't that lucky. And as frustrating as life was for those lost years, I recognize that others have had to deal with far worse for far longer.

There were also other warnings: "If you get [these symptoms] stop taking the medicines immediately." This was obviously to avoid the risk of lethal side effects. My doctor in Belize had not troubled himself to point out these warnings, and I had had those symptoms, and continued taking the meds.

In 2018 I had the knowledge, and put the pedal to the metal, and began intensive work on my health. I felt the benefits pretty much from the beginning . . . .

Was it my responsibility to have read this? The packet insert gives the manufacturer legal indemnity, and shifts responsibility to the doctor. I understand in the USA, patients seldom get the packet inserts. In my situation, I did, but I was too ill to think about reading it. As we are all indoctrinated to do, I trusted my doctor to give me safe medicines, and warn me if there was anything I needed to know. If we say it's the patient's responsibility to read and understand the insert, that's quite a shift in perception. The only way to take such responsibility would be to go through the packet insert and query everything with the prescribing doctor. Some years earlier, when I was less acutely ill, I did query some things on a packet insert, only to have those concerns brushed aside by the doctor: "Some people on the trial had those experiences, but they were probably coincidental. Don't worry about it." Years later I learned that that drug was also held responsible for numerous deaths, among other side effects.

Reading back the above, I'm conscious that it could sound "victimy" - "I trusted them and it all went wrong." So, trusting the system can make one a "victim", but if you have the audacity to distrust the system - what then? According to every medical soap opera ever made, distrusting the system makes one an "ungrateful and stupid patient". See how far the indoctrination goes? And in the mainstream news, such distrust makes one a "crazy conspiracy theorist".

So - information is one thing. But more important are solutions. Because, to be fair, in 2008 I needed something, but I did not know any credible alternative. That put me in a difficult place. And many people find themselves in a similar situation.

My journey involved literally a decade of searching and learning about alternative health, and trying everything. While my health had been up and down along the way, in late 2017, I was on a down. When 2018 came around, I had enough information and was suddenly in a position to put the pedal to the metal and really intensively work on my own health. I felt the benefits pretty much from the beginning, but I had a long way to go back to health. I spent about a year and a half on intensive healing. After that, I was transformed. My journey was not over, but my symptoms had pretty much gone, and I was adding foods back into my diet that I'd previously avoided.

Overlapping with this I retrained as a massage therapist. That was really just getting off the ground when covid happened, and we were all forced to close. Even when the restrictions were eased I was not willing to restart with the new rules. Massage therapy can be quite a physical job, and with a mask? A colleague told me that she would wake up in the middle of the night with the fibers from her mask irritating her throat. I knew from prior research that these masks were "security theatre", offered no benefit in situations like this, and were actively harmful. And who wants to receive a massage through nitrile gloves?

At this point I retrained again to be a natural healer. The main part of my formal training was with the doctor who had provided the last elusive pieces of the puzzle that enabled me to radically transform my own health. The rest was from the previous ten years of learning. And so here I am. My mission, like my mentor's, is less about managing illness, and more curing it. How far anyone can get on that road depends on many factors including their diligence, but most conditions are reversible through natural means, and my own journey - once I started healing intensively - was comparatively long.

I write about health in general, and a lot about orthodox health, because it's the default that most people go to, and it's important that people understand the reality of it, as well as how alternatives stand up. This is particularly important in the wake of covid, when attempts were made to force dangerous new experimental medicines - not fully approved - only approved for emergency use - on the entire population of the planet.

I write to point out health risks, citing orthodox sources - orthodox medical journals, orthodox doctors, and official government statistics.

It's been said that "There's no such thing as alternative medicine - if it worked, it would just be called 'medicine'." Let me tell you, that statement is illogical. It relies on "appeal to authority" - one of the classical logical fallacies. If we never question authority, we can never move forward. If we rely on others to get it right for us - how many of the "experts" are also relying on others? How independent are the people at "the top" really? Are they compromised by financial interests or other factors? How competent are the experts? Are we even allowed to see the experts who are closest to the truth, or are they excluded from mainstream media sources?

As we've seen over the last three years, doctors who were entirely uncontroversial for all of their prior careers have come out strongly against official views. So, yes, we listen to experts, but we don't blindly accept what the MSM tells us to think. If we want to know the truth, we have to take responsibility and do some investigation ourselves. I write to disseminate information that serves that need.

In my articles I quote from many respected and orthodox-trained doctors. If they rebel too far against the system, they are cast out.

I write to shine light on all of this, and to talk about solutions. More on those soon.

If this interests you, do hit the subscribe button if you haven't already.

More soon . . .

- Antony

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