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Why Illness Persists

Created on: 2023-07-11

Modified on: 2023-10-31

Why chronic conditions persist.

If you've been ill for a while, and you've been diligent, you've changed your diet, etc., but you're not improving, the reason you're not seeing rapid improvement in your health is simple. You're not getting to the root of the problem.

For example, say someone's ill, they have digestive problems, and pains through their body, as their background state of health. In addition, they're sensitive to various foods, including, say, gluten. Any time they eat gluten, their symptoms flare up far worse than normal. So once they figure out the problem foods, they take those out of their diet. Their quality of life improves, but the background illness persists, and slowly gets worse.

The reason they're getting worse is they're not dealing with the root of the problem. With gluten sensitivity, very often the root cause is there are parasites in their body which thrive on gluten.

Avoiding trigger foods is beneficial but doesn't cure. Even if they avoid those foods for a year, the background illness is often still there, and very often slowly getting worse. Avoiding these foods is really trying to starve out the parasites. The problem is, if they're established, that can take a very long time, as they can be very tenacious.

Getting to the root of the problem in this case would be to take the fight to the parasites. The solution is to actively drive the parasites out of the body. When you do this, you can see rapid improvements in your health, background symptoms and food sensitivities fade away.

This is just one example. The core lessons are: stop just managing a condition, aim to cure it, find the root cause, and go directly to solving that. If this speaks to you, please subscribe, and for one-to-one guidance, see Services.

Thank you.

- Antony

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