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The Sickness of the Banking Sector

Created on: 2023-07-28

Modified on: 2023-08-01

The debanking scandal continues. Some hope on the Brit side of the Atlantic, but extremely grim developments on the American side. This has huge implications for health freedom.

A brief rundown of recent events, first in the UK . . .

  • 29th June - Nigel Farage announces that he has been debanked by his existing bank, and refused accounts by seven others.
  • 4th July - the BBC names the bank as Coutts, a subsidiary of Natwest, and claims the debanking is due purely to Farage lacking sufficient funds.
  • 18th July - Farage obtains Coutt's dossier on him, which confirms that his debanking was due to his politics.
  • 26th July - after first attempting a non-apology, Natwest CEO Dame Alison Rose, is forced to resign, followed by Coutts CEO Peter Flavel on the 27th.

Note: the Beeb's first story was not whistleblowing, as was the case when the rigged vaccine trials were exposed in the BMJ, where the revelations were very much in the public interest, or the exposés of Matt Hancock's and other Tories' flagrant disregard for lockdown rules they enforced on the rest of us - again, these were very much in the public interest to publicise.

No, this is the CEO of a bank smearing a customer of hers via a sneaky leak to a journalist. And even if the information were complete, the BBC should have known it was unethical to spread the story. So the BBC knowingly engaged in a hit-piece against a political figure they don't like. And it's backfired. But as I've shown previously, they were never credible to begin with.

But as Farage said at the outset of this story, it's not about him, because "If they can do it to me, they can do it to you." And it has happened already to many who are not in the media spotlight. It doesn't matter whether you agree with Farage's politics or not. It matters that his legally held views were enough to get him debanked. There is no justification for what has happened to Farage. And while it isn't the first item in Coutt's dossier, specifically on health freedom, there is this:

16/06/2022 – Supporting anti-vaxx stance in relation to Djokovic – “it doesn’t matter how many times you get vaccinated, you can still catch Coronavirus. This is no longer about health – it’s about state control.”

There it is, ladies and gents, from the horse's mouth. In the eyes of the woke and mega rich banksters, having an independent thought on issues of health and health freedom is seen as evidence to get you debanked. EVERYONE who has questioned the many controversies over the last few years - including: the lockdowns, suppressed cures, vaccine caused disability and death - should be seriously concerned about this.

We should also be deeply concerned about how prominent members of the Labour Party sided with Coutts. Champagne socialism indeed.

As a result of this story there is currently political pressure to prevent this kind of thing happening to others. Time will tell how this works out.

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Mercola Debanked

Unfortunately, things are not so good in the USA.

Dr. Mercola is and has been a leading voice for natural health since the earliest days of the world-wide-web. His website has been the most popular in this sector for as long as anyone can remember.

In 2005, when the mainstream media thought the sky was falling in on account of the bird flu "pandemic", Mercola was like the calm in the eye of the storm, rightly predicting ahead of events that the hysteria was unjustified. The book he published the following year, The Great Bird Flu Hoax, remains one of the great eye openers in the field of health.

Mercola, as a rational voice in medicine, has been a thorn in the side of Big Pharma ever since. This is what Mercola is most known for, and we can only assume that this is the reason for his debanking. He was publicly attacked by the MSM and industry puppet president in 2021, and is now being attacked again.

On July 13th, his bank, JP Morgan Chase, gave him notice that they are closing all of his accounts. This in itself would be egregious, but it goes much further. They have also debanked the CEO and CFO of his company, and their spouses. They have further been told that even their children will never be allowed to bank with them in future. As Mercola explains, it is not quite as simple as "going someplace else".

Some of those propagandized to hate "anti-vaxxers" might even celebrate this. But some day they may realize the reasons free speech is essential, how science relies on open discourse, and why informed consent - which includes the right to say "No" - must be enshrined in medical ethics.

Again, there is no possible justification for the debanking of Mercola, his top staff, their spouses and their children.

This article has discussed high profile cases, but these incidents are not isolated - there are many more. This is an aggressive attack on free speech and health freedom, and must be resisted.

- Antony

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