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Unjibbed Launch

Created on: 2024-04-02

Dear All,

Apologies for the looooong gap in communications. Since November I've been working on a major new project, and here it is:

Unjibbed Logo Unjibbed Logo


Dating and Community for the Discerning Refusenik

A community built up organically in 2020 in response to the lockdowns and threats of vaccine mandates. This community continued after the lockdowns were lifted in early 2022, but many have drifted away from local meetings, and I would imagine that many of these events have faded away altogether.

But - many of us are connected by philosophical common ground - the belief in bodily autonomy, the Nuremberg Code, and justifiable concerns about the novel genetic-vaccines that were forced on populations all around the world.

Many of us personally knew, or know someone who was close to someone who died suspiciously close to their taking the vaccines. There is ample evidence of a medical scandal and cover-up, yet despite this, official sources still point to massive harms from the covid vaccines.

The community gatherings in 2020-3 allowed us to meet others who were of a common mind on these issues, but now it's not so easy. And especially if you want to meet others perhaps a little further out from your locality.

I created Unjibbed to create a hub for people to form new links within this community - whether to offer a service specifically to the unvaxxed, to make new friends, or to find people to date.

And with dating and relationships - this is the area of life where we're most selective, and rightly so. For many of us, having a partner who didn't take a covid vax is a requirement, that if unmet is a deal-breaker. Especially as one of the many concerns about the covid biologics is their effect on reproductive health.

So, if you would like to join this website, head over to Unjibbed and create a free account and profile.

There is also going to be a deal offered to new members where you can make some cash by helping to spread the word. This is time sensitive, so if you're interested, head over to Unjibbed ASAP, where further information will be forthcoming.

Once again, here's the link:

That's all for now on Unjibbed. I will be back soon with more on health.

- Antony

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