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"Cause Unknown" - The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022 (Book Review)

Created on: 2023-09-30

Front cover of the book, showing a number of news pages showing various young individuals who died suddenly.

Ed Dowd (Author), Robert F. Kennedy jnr (Foreword), Gavin de Becker (Afterword)

Front cover of the book, showing a number of news pages showing various young individuals who died suddenly.

This book was released late in 2022 (Nov 9), and is quite unusual. While it's 203 pages long, there is not a great deal of text. What text there is is curt and convincing. Much of the book is taken up with screenshots of stories from the media of sudden, unexpected deaths, mostly of very young adults. Some of the headlines reference the fact that the one whose death is reported had very recently been vaccinated.

The author, Ed Dowd, is introduced by Robert F. Kennedy jnr., an active campaigner on environmental and medical matters for many years, who has been prominent in the campaigns against various controversies of the covid situation.

Dowd is a former managing director at BlackRock, an investment firm with a net worth exceeding that of most individual countries. Dowd is not a medical doctor - instead, his talent is for seeing trends, understanding statistics, and making reliable predictions. With these talents he was able to grow a BlackRock fund from $2 billion to $14 billion.

In 2021, Dowd saw the unfolding of a massive tragedy, which led him to withdraw from Wall Street. He assembled a team to study the situation, and this book is the result.

From the first page onwards, Dowd challenges skeptical readers to verify anything they doubt, and provides numerous QR codes throughout to link to supporting web pages. He tackles so-called "fact-checkers" succinctly:

"[B]efore you automatically rely on fact checkers, use the QR code to confirm that the Reuters CEO who started Reuters Fact Check was simultaneously on the Board of Pfizer - and still is . . . . Conflicted and circular relationships like this are common when it comes to pharmaceutical marketing. . . ."

Dowd does not rely on autopsy reports, or the like, but uses all-cause mortality statistics. As he comments, this is a subject that actuaries - colleagues of Dowd's - obsess over. I'll add that epidemiology is firmly rooted in such statistics. Dr Farr, a pioneer in epidemiology in the 1800s, famously wrote: "The death rate is a fact; anything beyond this is an inference."

Next is a series of pages showing news stories about various athletes' sudden and unexpected deaths. The stories appear with photos, showing the person either engaged in sport, or everyday life. What is striking is how young, happy, and healthy they look. Their ages range from mid forties down to just twelve years of age. They were athletes - which makes them the fittest of their generation.

I know from prior conversations I've had, that some will claim this is emotionally manipulative. In anticipation of this: many people I've spoken with over the last few years have revealed a shocking level of indifference to these deaths, so I feel Dowd is right in confronting us with these stories, one after another, each accompanied by the words, "CONFIRM THIS STORY IS REAL" and a QR code.

The book deals with the alarming number of sudden deaths since 2021, and the statistical evidence that this is new, and that the majority of these deaths were caused by the recent vaccine rollout.

A common objection is that . . . .

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